Get Appointment

  • +(123)-456-7890

download the app

get the eWe app on the
app store or google play

find & unlock eWe

find an eWe near you & click unlock
(btw: you can also reserve an eWe)

be safe

bring your own helmet
to be safe while you ride

start eWe

take the eWe off the stand & then
twist the throttle to accelerate

where to ride

ride in the left lane or
designated cycle lanes only

left/right brake

squeeze the left brake to slow down & squeeze
both brakes to stop quickly

pause ride

need to stop for an errand? no problem,
pause the ride & lock your eWe


end ride at designated eWe pods only
(do not block sidewalks or entrances)

end ride

end the ride on the app
and lock eWe