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meet eBike

introducing eBike

with its sleek design and envious, deerlike form; the innovative eBike can navigate the smallest spaces and get you to your destination in the shortest time with zero carbon emission. if you are looking for comfort, safety and convenience; look no further; hop onto the eBike and charge your way into the future.

the best part

experience a keyless ride

the power to move is in your phone

safe battery

intelligent sensors delivering high performance no matter the weather conditions

aerograde alloy frame

sturdy as a plane and light as a feather

fast charge in 3 hours

take it up to your home to charge, it’s as easy as plugging in your phone to charge

cruise control

keep a steady speed, bring cruise control into motion and just enjoy the ride

no more flat tyres

no hassles of flat tyres anymore, eBike has airless tyres so you can breathe easy

pedal assist and throttle

with eBike pedal assist, you can climb up a hill without breaking a sweat and if that’s too much trouble then just throttle your way around